Dan O’Doherty / Cacao Services

Dan O’Doherty is arguably one of the leading experts on post-harvest processing, genetics, and farm management in the world. His work in over 20 countries has had a profound impact on their quality of fine flavor cacao, and we are proud to have him as a friend and partner. Through Cacao Services, we are connected to our partners at Costa Esmeraldas in Ecuador, Ucayali River Cacao in Peru, and Latitude Trade / Semuliki Forest in Uganda.


Gino Dalla Gasperina & Wynne McAuley / Meridian Cacao Co

Gino Founded Meridian Cacao Company in 2012 “in an effort to bridge the gap between exceptional cocoa farms and the burgeoning craft chocolate industry”. Our founder Adam became friends with Gino and Wynne several years ago while living and working in Portland, OR. Through Meridian Cacao, we are connected to our partners at Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania, Bejofo Estate in Madagascar, and Anamalai farm in India.


Native Green Cane Project / Global Organics

The cane sugar we use in our chocolate and pastries comes from the Native Green Cane Project in Brazil, an innovate approach to sustainable cane farming. We work directly with Global Organics, an importer that shares our values for sustainability and environment mindfulness.